About you

You prefer to work on the core business of your company. But you are also responsible for solving legal challenges in your position as a managing director, corporate lawyer, consultant or manager. And having your business in good legal order is of vital importance. For this you prefer to work intensively with a high-quality partner. An excellent attorney at law who is not distant, but knows exactly what you are talking about.

Van Iersel Luchtman
We immerse ourselves completely in your world. Because a good attorney at law is not only the best in his field, but also knows what you are doing on a daily basis. To this end, a number of our specialists have united in a sector team. Within these teams, we bundle all relevant knowledge from attorneys at law who also know that sector by heard. And that makes working together a lot easier and more efficient.

& You
You can count on us for all your legal issues. We are always at your service and offer you the best solution. That makes us different from other law firms. We are a team of cooperating attorneys at law standing next to you. We make optimum use of each other's knowledge and are driven by the same goal. Your challenges are our challenges, your chances are our chances and your industry is our industry. Therefore it is Van Iersel Luchtman & You.