Competition and Procurement Law

Competition is essential for a healthy and innovative economy. The competition rules prevent competition from being restricted by agreements between companies or abuse by companies of their strong market position. Companies and their management are responsible for compliance with these rules. Violations of competition law are penalized by administrative fines, whereby not only the company but also the employees concerned are not free. Companies that have suffered damage as a result of the actions of competitors or suppliers increasingly submit claims to recover this damage. Competition law therefore not only offers opportunities, it also requires a thorough approach to avoiding risks.

The procurement law is also indispensable from the procurement practice of government institutions and their suppliers. Tenders who feel that they are disadvantaged are increasingly going to court. When does a legal procedure have a chance of success? And how can you as a contracting authority ensure that the process is carried out correctly? With these and other questions, our specialists take care of themselves every day.

There are many supervisors active. Examples are the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM), the European Commission, the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa) or the Netherlands Media Authority (CvdM). If your company faces investigations, fines or other sanctions from such a regulator, we will ensure that your interests are safeguarded. Our specialists in competition law and procurement law are often assisted by colleagues in the field of economic administrative and criminal law.