The laws and regulations of our environment are versatile and complex. Where (business) activities interfere with the environment, a license, exemption or other permission from the government is often required. Consider, among other things, the establishment or expansion of a company, the storage of goods and the discharge of waste water. All things where the central question always plays: is your company 'environment-proof'?

Environmental law
Our specialists advise and litigate in the field of environmental law (spatial planning and environmental law). You can think of zoning plans, environmental permits, water permits and the environmental regulations from the Activities Decree. Our attorneys at law also have the necessary knowledge in-house and are happy to assist you in the area of enforcement (burden of administrative coercion and penalty) and compensation (planning damage and compensation).

Environmental criminal law
A special focus area of our office is environmental criminal law. In this area, our specialists are nationally recognized for their special knowledge of environmental law, with an emphasis on waste, building materials and fertilizer. Consider, for example, criminal-law discussions about (international) waste shipments, the use of (secondary) building materials, the transport and use of fertilizers, compliance with an environmental permit or the disruption of protected animal species.

Occupational health and safety legislation
In addition, our specialists have the necessary experience in the field of criminal law enforcement of health and safety legislation. Consider, for example, the prosecution of employers for (serious) occupational accidents. In all situations we control both the complex content and the penal finer points needed to optimally represent your interests. Our attorneys at law operate in principle in the lee, but can act if your spokesman as publicity inevitable appears.