Within the food sector, there are challenges in the areas of sustainability, efficiency, safety and innovation. We believe that everyone has the right to a healthy and safe diet that is correctly and fully labeled. However, this requires a high level of regulation by the government. So high, that this sector is one of the most regulated markets in the EU. Almost every week there will be new or amended laws and regulations. The food sector is always on the move. As an entrepreneur you have to deal with this every day.

Food chain
Many entrepreneurs in the food sector face the same (legal) challenges. For example, consider retaining or saying goodbye to your staff. But if we take a more detailed look at the food chain from raw material to sales to the consumer, we see that different legal issues occur at every step. Issues that specifically require your attention at that time. In those cases you are best served by a specialist who has experience with both that specific question and the industry as a whole