The housing market is dynamic, also in the area of ??legislation and regulations. Our lawyers specialize in various jurisdictions that you can deal with within the housing market. Think of real estate, rent / rental, labor and employee participation. We not only master the legal profession such as advising, negotiating and litigating, but we also know and closely follow the developments within your market. As a result, we are able to think along with you in solutions in common problems in a broad sense and off the beaten track; whether you are a corporation, manager, vve or tenant organization.

Various interests
In addition to your (financial) interest in a particular issue, we will as much as possible keep in mind the importance of a good relationship between the various parties. Because in housing there are a lot of parties involved who need each other continuously. In such an environment, it makes little sense to win a certain dispute from a cooperation partner if you lose a good relationship with it.