Insolvency & Restructuring

They say you get what you give - and the effort you have invested in your business has certainly paid off. But success can be fickle - and so is the economy. Your business may end up in financial distress overnight. Or a major supplier, faced with liquidation, could wind up letting you down. If you or one of your clients is struggling to keep the business afloat, you really have no time to lose. You need a first-rate consultant on your side, someone you can trust and who knows how to achieve results and provide you with the support you need.

Van Iersel Luchtman has established a reputation in the Netherlands in insolvency law and restructuring. Nearly ten of our attorneys have successfully completed the post-doctoral specialised course offered bij INSOLAD, the Dutch Professional Association of Insolvency Attorneys, with several of our people attaining first-class honours. In this area, we represent businesses, individual board members, creditors, banks and other financiers. Our insolvency experts also work as receivers in bankruptcy cases or as receivers for businesses in receivership. We are unfazed by emergency situations, and our clients tend to be back on their feet again in no time.

For telephone enquiries regarding bankruptcy issues, please phone +31 (0)88 90 80 680.