Dewi Harkink

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Dewi Harkink has been a lawyer with Van Iersel Luchtman Advocaten since 2017. He is a member of the Intellectual Property, IT & Privacy division. Dewi is also part of the Gaming team.

Intellectual property and privacy
Dewi is involved in advising, guiding, and litigating in several jurisdictions. He has built up specialist knowledge in the fields of privacy and intellectual property. He mainly supports entrepreneurs, often in the IT sector, such as software developers and vendors. He could be drafting a privacy statement and negotiating a processing agreement on one day, and advising on copyright issues or litigating in trade name disputes the next day. With his extensive experience in complex advisory paths, Dewi is sure to represents his client’s interests.

Passion for IT and technology
Clients describe Dewi as a highly analytical and approachable lawyer. A dedicated advisor who quickly explores effects of the latest legislation such as the GDPR, which he translates into concrete legal advice for his clients. He deciphers the most complex laws and regulations and makes them easy to understand. That's how Dewi helps entrepreneurs to take advantage of new opportunities. Dewi is also valued for his sincere passion for everything to do with IT and technology. Dewi even likes playing with technology in his spare time, developing websites and managing systems.