Liability & Litigation

In an increasingly complex and litigious society, we can assist and support your business if you are held liable or wish to claim compensation for loss. Your business partner may have committed breach of contract, for example, or have failed to comply with laws and regulations. We represent both companies and their directors and supervisory board members. We advice and support in disputes between a business's various stakeholders and assist auditors and other consultants who have been held liable for whatever reason. In other cases, we defend the interests of professional practitioners who have been found to be negligent. Our regular clients in these cases include liability insurers representing their policyholders.

In the changing legal landscape, litigation - both criminal and commercial - has increasingly become a specialised area of the law. All our specialists work within the court daily. They litigate - and feel at home at - all levels of the Dutch legal system, including district courts, courts of appeal and arbitration bodies. They are shrewd strategists who can be fierce if needed but will also settle a case if this is in your best interest and the opportunity is there. Van Iersel Luchtman Advocaten also provides mediation services as an alternative option for settling disputes.