Construction & Housing

For a while now, construction has been picking up pace and the property market is becoming more appealing. Economic growth is increasing  the demand for new homes, utility buildings, and infrastructure. More and more properties are being rented out and invested in. Yet, tenants are increasingly seeking flexibility and no longer want to commit to a long lease period. As a result, location, marketability, and potential use are becoming increasingly important to property investors.

Our Construction & Housing team has lawyers who know the sector like the back of their hand. Plus, they speak your language. Working in various disciplines, they support a range of construction companies that often face the same legal challenges.

Growth in the construction industry is often limited in the short term by capacity problems. There is a shortage of employment, materials, and construction sites available, which raises purchase prices and slows down the construction process. Responding to these problems in the right way is a considerable challenge. The demand for innovation in construction in the fields of insulation, heating and electricity remains high. In future, new residential areas will almost exclusively be built without a gas connection, as this is no longer an obligation.

The housing market is dynamic, and so are the laws and regulations that govern it. Our lawyers specialize in various areas of law that you may come into contact with on the housing market. These include property, renting and leasing, labour and employment, and employee participation. We are not only completely at home in our legal profession – be that advising, negotiating, and litigating – but also know about and closely follow the developments within your market. This enables us to offer you broad support, think outside the box, and find solutions to your problems, whether you’re a housing association, manager, home owner, or tenants’ organization.

Areas of focus
Our team has identified the following areas of focus within the construction industry:

  • contractors, architects, engineers & installers
  • estate agents
  • project developers