Secure email with Zivver

To securely email confidential information to you, we use the online platform Zivver. In this way we guarantee that an email sent via Zivver cannot be read by anyone other than you. The program encrypts the information contained in messages. This includes sensitive data such as files, reports or personal data. In addition, Zivver prevents sensitive information from being sent to the wrong person.

How do you open a message sent via Zivver?

  • Open the message by clicking on the blue link with the text 'Click for message';
  • You are now automatically forwarded to the secure environment of ZIVVER;
  • Click on 'Send SMS';
  • You will receive a code on your mobile. By filling in this code you can read the message.

Access code
You may also be asked for an access code instead of an SMS code. You will receive this code from us by post, telephone or in person. If you have not yet received an access code, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How do you reply to an email sent via Zivver?

  • You can respond via the same page by clicking on the 'Reply' button;
  • Type your response in the answer field. You can also add an attachment with the paperclip button;
  • Send your response by clicking on the 'Send' button;
  • When the recipient responds to this, you will receive another notification by email.

How can you send us a secure email via Zivver yourself?
You use the conversation starter for this. So you do not need a separate account.

  • Click on this button:
  • A page opens in the Zivver web app. Leave your name and email address on this page;
  • You will then receive a notification message in your mailbox;
  • Via the link in the notification message you can type a message, add an attachment and then send it securely.

Notify us of any changes to your email address and phone number
It is important that you notify us immediately of any changes to your email address or mobile phone number. This way we can continue to communicate securely with you.

More information or questions?
Do you have questions about a received email or are you unable to open the received message? Please check with your contact person. In these videos you can see how someone without a Zivver account receives and reads a message.