Corporate & Contract Law

For over 60 years, we have been serving some terrific companies and supporting inspiring entrepreneurs in their growth, or assisting them in challenging times. Our lawyers who specialize in corporate and contract law focus exclusively on the entrepreneur. They have also built up expertise in Construction, Waste & Recycling, Healthcare, Finance, and Gaming.

Our lawyers

Legal advice for entrepreneurs
Your company has to deal with corporate and contract law every day, whether it’s setting up your company’s structure, determining director’s powers, concluding or terminating contracts, or drafting your financial statements. For us, working in these fields is our bread and butter, even in areas that you have yet to explore. By representing your legal interests, we will prevent you from falling into any traps. That is precisely why we are the lawyers of choice for a multitude of companies.

How we help you

  • mergers & aquisitions;
  • restructuring and financing;
  • drawing up contracts and terms & conditions;
  • competition law;
  • applying for permits from De Nederlandsche Bank or the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets, environmental permits, nature permits, and water permits;

Run into trouble?
With a team of fifteen lawyers, we can offer wide-ranging advice on restructuring and reorganizing companies that have run into trouble. Are you unsure whether it makes sense to carry on trading? Wondering what the consequences are if you cease trading, both in business and personal terms? And if you carry on, how do you reduce the risk? We’ll help you come up with a plan.

Corporate litigation
Corporate litigation is one of our specialities. Our experts regularly assist shareholders, managing directors, supervisory board members, managers, company partners, and consultants when interests collide.