Employment Law & Employee Participation

Employment law can be quite unpredictable. Dutch legislation is forever changing, as employees become more and more empowered. They want more of a say in issues that matter to them, while you need more and more flexibility.

Our lawyers

How we help you
We advise employers, self-employed entrepreneurs, official directors, works councils, and interest groups. Our clients come from an array of industries and choose us because of our commitment and expertise. In addition to general knowledge of employment law, each one of our lawyers has one or more specific areas that they specialize in. We will be happy to assist you with:

  • mergers and restructuring;
  • discharge procedures and settlement agreements;
  • employment disputes;
  • employment contracts and terms & conditions of employment;
  • transfers;
  • incapacities for work and occupational health insurance legislation;
  • governance issues;
  • establishing employee participation;
  • disputes with the works council.