Our Finance industry team is dedicated to all players who are active in the financial sector. We are more than familiar with the playing field where accountants, tax consultants, notaries, and corporate finance advisors operate. Not only do we know the disciplinary law applicable to several of these service providers, but we also understand their technical framework.

We are also able to advise various financial companies that run afoul of financial regulators, by constantly deepening our knowledge of the regulations covering new products. So, if you are ever faced with proceedings against regulators such as the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets and De Nederlandsche Bank, you can count on us to stand by you.

Finance with finesse
Our financial specialists have the right skills to represent you. We are familiar with the large financial institutions, the way they work, and the financial guarantees they demand from entrepreneurs. This means that we know how to break a deadlock. Our Finance team also knows the ins & outs of players in and around the financial markets – from investors to financial companies. And if your company’s directors should run into any financial issues, we are the business partner you can depend on. With our legal perspective, we can find the right practical solutions.

Professional liability
Business service providers today increasingly find themselves at risk – from disciplinary complaints to subsequent financial claims. Thanks to our vast experience, our team knows the tricks of the trade when it comes to professional liability to help prevent or minimize this risk.

Areas of focus
Within Finance, we focus on the following professions:

  • accountants
  • investors
  • corporate finance advisors
  • financial companies
  • tax consultants