Our sector team Finance assists all players who are active in the financial world. For example, we are familiar with the playing field in which accountants, tax specialists, notaries and corporate finance advisers operate. Not only do we know the disciplinary law that applies to several of these service providers, we are also familiar with their technical framework. In addition, we advise various financial companies that run into financial supervision rules. We do this by continuously familiarizing ourselves with the regulations surrounding new products. If necessary, we conduct procedures against supervisory authorities.

Finesse within Finance
Our specialists know all the ins and outs of the financial world. We are familiar with the large financial institutions, the way in which they work and the financial guarantees they ask from entrepreneurs. As a result, we are able to break through impasses. Our sector team also knows the ins & outs of the players on and around the financial markets, from investors to financial companies. We are also your business partner for financial issues of company directors. We look for practical solutions with a legal eye. Professional liability Business service providers are running more and more risks today. In the case of many (disciplinary) complaints, a financial claim will follow later. Within our team all knowledge and experience is present in the field of professional liability to prevent this or to discuss it as much as possible.