Our team

We are the only full-service team in the Netherlands to specialize in the legal issues involved in the gaming industry. Our team members combine their passion for games with their legal expertise to work with you and determine the right course of action. We take into account your goals and the rapidly changing and highly competitive market.

Whether it’s Unity licensing terms/EULAs, merchandise and licence agreements, esports contracts, loot boxes, or tournament licences, our clear legal advice when it comes to developing and distributing games won’t contain any hidden Easter eggs.

What do we do?
As a full-service team, we can tackle all the legal challenges you face. We can brief you quickly on topics such as employment contracts, intellectual property, and publishing contracts. Specific topics that we can consult on include:

  • publishing deals
  • outsourcing development and playing games (e.g. from PC to Switch, or a part of the ‘first’ version);
  • licences (EULAs, engines, merchandise, brand licences, and esports licences);
  • employment law issues;
  • using a 3D Artist (as a freelancer or an employee?);
  • privacy (GDPR compliance and issues, such as the data involved in player acquisition and player retention);
  • corporate/M&A (financing structures, investments, participations and company acquisitions).

We work for parties including:

developers    media and entertainment companies

serious games developers and users    publishers

esports players, managers, and organizers

Here are some of the clients who put their trust in us


Collaboration partners
Our expertise has been demonstrated through an exclusive legal partnership with Dutch Games Association (DGA). The DGA aims to bring Dutch game developers together, encouraging them to collaborate at both a national and international level. We also work closely with the Dutch Game Garden (DGG). This game incubator has already accommodated more than 100 game studios, its mission being to create jobs and stimulate economic growth by supporting the Dutch gaming industry and promoting entrepreneurship. Finally, we have close links with the Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUAS), a higher education institution with students from around 100 countries offering various game courses.