Health care

The health care sector faces major change as regards both care and cure. Health care providers continually encounter new challenges. The demands made by regulations and the focus on health care in the right place are ever increasing. Patients are becoming health care consumers. They want to be involved more and they are increasingly being expected to manage their own care. The constant development of new technologies and the extent of automation make privacy a must. Cooperation in the health care sector is needed to ensure that future demand is supplied efficiently and effectively. Good health care now requires the ability to look ahead and entrepreneurship coupled with a critical eye for the relevant regulations and preconditions.

The health care sector team at Van Iersel Luchtman Attorneys can help you realise your business ambitions in this sector. Health care providers and those supplying support services know where to find the specialists and health care brokers of our team. Because our experts are familiar with the challenges you face and constitute the business partner equipped to find the right solutions to issues including those around the purchase of care, concentration and decentralisation, cooperation or disentanglement, innovation and privacy. Our approach is expert yet practical. We supply advice and where necessary proceed to litigation. That is what we take care of!