Jaap Broekman

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Jaap Broekman has been a lawyer with Van Iersel Luchtman Advocaten since 1992. He is a member of the Corporate & Contract Law and Employment Law & Employee Participation divisions. Jaap is also a lawyer and a graduate of English language and literature, using his skills to support various international companies.

A valued partner for legal affairs
Jaap specializes in employment law. He supports employers and employees alike. However, he serves companies, healthcare institutions, directors, supervisory board members, works councils, and senior management in particular. Jaap advises not only on employment disputes or contracts, but also on complex issues concerning collective agreement, governance, and restructuring. Because of his extensive experience in both employment law and corporate law, Jaap is regarded by multiple entrepreneurs as their valued partner for legal affairs.

Finding a fair solution
Jaap is dedicated and driven. He believes in freedom of expression: everyone is free to say and think what they think, provided that it’s truthful and substantiated. Clients value Jaap for his capacity for empathy and ability to relate to them. To resolve a conflict, it is important to deepen your understanding of both sides. Often you have to give something to get something.