Annekee Groenewoud

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Annekee Groenewoud has been a lawyer since 1988, joining Van Iersel Luchtman Advocaten in 2003. She is a member of the Property and Environmental Law division.

Extensive experience in property law
Annekee specializes in advising, contracting, and litigation in the field of property law. She advises contractors, developers, retailers, governments, and other companies and institutions. She also helps retailers to manage their real estate portfolio and litigates for them on lease termination or rental pricing, for example. Through her extensive experience in property law, rental law, and spatial management law, she also helps entrepreneurs find their way through the complex regulations. From licence applications and environmental issues, to objections and appeal proceedings and enforcement issues (penalty payments and administrative order). Together with her team, Annekee always pursues the best possible result.

Disputes between parties
Clients describe Annekee as a passionate and a razor-sharp lawyer who goes for the win. Once she bites, she doesn’t let go. She is analytical and focused. She goes into the detail of property law, looking for an opening that can make the case – even just one centimetre can make all the difference. As determined as she is to settle disputes between parties, she doesn’t shy away from debate and conflict. Annekee does everything in her power to prove her client is right.