Richard van der Jagt

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Richard van der Jagt has been a lawyer with Van Iersel Luchtman Advocaten since 2012. He is a member of the Liability Law & Litigation and Restructuring & Insolvency Law divisions.

Advising on and resolving commercial disputes
Richard represents the civil interests of entrepreneurs. He often assists them in liability matters involving Dutch or international contract and property law, both inside and outside the courtroom. Richard is also renowned for securing the entrepreneur’s right of recourse and enforcing court decisions. For example, a large part of his practice consists of advice and proceedings on the right of seizure and execution, and he also regularly carries out debt collection procedures.

Richard also acts for directors and receivers in liability disputes. Partly thanks to his close cooperation with receivers at our office, Richard is more than aware of the interests of all those involved in these kinds of issues.

Distinguishing key issues from side points
Richard is known as an honest, passionate, and meticulous lawyer. He does not need to take lessons from anybody else, he will always make sure he is heard and is often quick to outdo his opponents. But as a good listener, he naturally hears what others have to say. He is a champion of his clients’ interests, and smoothly rebukes and takes down other positions with great ease – all without wasting unnecessary energy on irrelevant details. He separates the key issues from the side points and acts accordingly, regardless of what others think or feel about it. For where there’s a will, there’s a way.