Tim de Klerck

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Tim de Klerck has been a lawyer since 2011, joining Van Iersel Luchtman Advocaten in 2018. He is a member of the IP, IT & Privacy and Corporate & Contract Law divisions. In addition, Tim specializes in franchise law and is part of the Gaming team.

Law meets technology
Tim knows what happens where the law meets technological and creative developments like no other. The law is often slow to catch up to new developments and can sometimes even be a hindrance. Tim helps companies get the most out of their innovations and seize on the opportunities that the law provides. He focuses on IP rights, IT, and privacy law, as well as commercial contract law. As a member of the Gaming team, Tim puts his knowledge and skills to work on development and publishing agreements, and copyright and trademark issues. In addition, Tim regularly advises and litigates on distribution, franchise, and commission contracts.

For the best outcome
Tim’s strategic insight is particularly valued. As a passionate legal partner, he revels in coming up with ideas with his clients. His first question is always: What do you want to achieve? Then he listens carefully to the answer and works towards that. He keeps a cool head and a sense of perspective. He studies the opposing party carefully. He doesn’t get distracted by side issues, but he asks: What’s the best move now? Where is the biggest benefit? That’s how he gets his clients results. All roads lead to Rome, but Tim takes the fastest route to the best outcome.