Wouter van Loon

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Wouter van Loon has been a lawyer with Van Iersel Luchtman Advocaten since 2013. He is a member of the Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate & Contract Law divisions. In addition, Wouter is part of the Healthcare team.

Corporate law in healthcare
Together with his team, Wouter advises on corporate law, especially in healthcare. He advises healthcare providers on matters including their legal position towards health insurers, municipalities, and administration offices. Wouter is also your go-to advisor when it comes to business structures, forms of cooperation, governance, formal and material inspections, and other legislation and regulations in the healthcare sector. In particular, he acts as a healthcare broker for healthcare providers, such as pharmacies. He then negotiates the content of contracts with health insurers, municipalities, and administration offices. In addition to advising healthcare providers, Wouter also provides support for acquisitions and shareholdings for various companies.

Finding the best solution
Wouter’s mission is to achieve cooperation and understanding between all parties. He is not against a tough discussion, but always strives to get a good end result. Loyalty is important to Wouter. His clients can count on him, describing him as pleasant in the way he works, as someone they can work well with. Wouter is flexible, and likes to try out new approaches, so he can find the best solution for you every time. A passionate lawyer who knows what’s what when it comes to healthcare. Someone who gives clear, targeted advice that can be applied in practice, so his clients can get the most out of their business.