Aaron Bouman

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Aaron Bouman has been a lawyer with Van Iersel Luchtman Advocaten since 2019. He is a member of the Corporate & Contract Law and Restructuring & Insolvency Law divisions.

Corporate law
During his Master’s degree, Aaron was co-administrator of his own website where he wrote short legal articles. He was also a volunteer at the Gemert-Bakel legal clinic for four years. At Van Iersel Luchtman, Aaron is involved in the broad field of corporate law. He primarily advises large and medium-sized companies. In addition, he regularly writes about corporate law issues, such as disputes between directors and shareholders as well as right of inquiry. Aaron knows the legal aspects at play and likes to look beyond the immediate issue. But he also takes account of the interests of those involved.

Keeping your interests at the forefront
Aaron is described as diligent, driven, and dedicated. He sets out clear expectations and is true to his word. Aaron takes a genuine interest, both in your business and you as an individual. He always discusses the impact of legal proceedings thoroughly with his clients. As an entrepreneur, he quickly gives you insight into where you stand and how a legally complex situation can be broken down. This increases the chances of success in any proceedings, or prevents them in the first place. Aaron likes to get involved in an issue and find arguments that support his case. Because often, it’s not enough just to know you’re right. It’s even more important to prove it. And that’s a challenge Aaron loves to take on.