Serious games developers and users

We work with developers and users of serious games. Whether it’s a serious game for healthcare, education, or achieving specific business goals, we’re your partner and advisor for all things legal. We know what’s what and what challenges you face when developing, operating, and using a serious game.

If a serious game is targeted at healthcare, we work closely with our specialist Healthcare team to ensure that the relevant legislation is also complied with. As we are the only law firm in the Netherlands with both games and healthcare specialists, we have unique expertise that you can take advantage of.

Our specialist Gaming team has expert knowledge of all your legal issues in serious games, such as:

  • collaborations between developers and clients;
  • outsourcing serious game development;
  • identifying who holds the rights lie and protecting those rights;
  • licensing and marketing;
  • data processing and privacy (GDPR);
  • compliance with specific legislation (such as healthcare and consumer law);
  • legal aspects for staff and freelancers;
  • investments, financing, and acquisitions.