Waste & Recycling

The linear economy is well on the way to becoming a circular economy. Wastage and pollution are being reduced. Waste products are being turned into raw materials. The focus is increasingly on creating a sustainable society in which natural resources are made use of in as efficient a way as possible. The Netherlands is in the vanguard of this development. The government and the business community have set themselves the goal of putting the Dutch waste & recycling sector in the top five among the European member states.

The waste & recycling sector team at Van Iersel Luchtman can help you realise your business ambitions in this sector. Specialist waste and recycling companies and other concerns involved in waste management know where to find our sector team. Because our experts are familiar with the challenges you face and constitute the business partner equipped to find the right solutions to issues including those around chain cooperation, innovation, being a good employer, the EWSR or making your business ‘environmental-proof’ and keeping it that way. Our approach is expert yet practical. We supply advice and proceed to litigation.